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  • Where does the water taxi go?
    Our water taxis will bring you across the Ottawa River to attractions along both the Ontario and Quebec shorelines. This means you can explore both Gatineau-Hull and Ottawa, while cruising across the river in one of our fully-electric boats. You can view each dock location, along with the major attractions nearby in the Locations section on our main page.
  • How much is a water taxi ride?
    Water taxi rides are priced at $6.95 (+ tax) per person, one-way. Tickets may be purchased at the dock prior to departure.
  • Are your boats fully electric?
    Yes they are! We use the newest advancements in marine technology to provide fully electric transportation across the Ottawa River.
  • Can I bring my bike, stroller, dog, or other personal items on the boat?
    You can! We allow regularly sized bikes, strollers, and pets on the boats at no additional charge. * You may be charged extra for excess cargo and/or large items *
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